Master Komet Through Training

Train your users with our team of Komet experts and improve their knowledge about the system.


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Alexandra Flórez

Floral System

Marcela Saracay


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George Velez

Floral System
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What's our
We’ll give the training the focus you need, from answering questions, recommending different processes based on your operations, showing you more efficient ways to use the system and coaching you in the use of Komet's features.
How is our
This training is done through video conferences where you share screens with Komet experts so they can train you in the topic you want to master about the system. Also, it will provide you with different resources where you can find more information and become an expert in Komet.
When is the
training done?
One of our experts will contact you to arrange the training according to your availability. You can choose when your training is going to be done and once you take it, we will split up your training hours as it best fits you.